Sunday, September 19, 2010

Relics: not just a Pink Floyd album

Relics. They are more than the title of a Pink Floyd album or a left-over word from a fantasy novel. Our houses today are filled with our own personal relics, which may or may not convey our stories to a future anthropologist.

Our relics are those sacred or semi-sacred objects that hold meaning; that show our lives. Relics in our house include:

- worn road or trail running shoes that know what my mind, body and soul have seen over miles.
- A plain white gold ring band that calls up a June day 11 years ago riding in boats up the Tred Avon River to celebrate with friends and family.
- A soft-bound black Moleskine notebook full of scrawl that few people could read.
- A red, orange and white fleece blanket that Robin folded and sewed seams on that Anna has slept with for eight years now.
- A blue, green and white Rise Up Runners mug, cracks running inside and out of which I have tasted coffee before almost every morning run for the past two plus years.
- A weathered "Oxford, MD" boat sign found on a beach while canoeing at age 10
- A framed watercolor painting of a Chesapeake Bay workboat motoring along the Maine coast, painted by a friend during a week on Deer Isle

These are some of the objects imbued with an almost sacred significance and which we come across daily. They send my mind back to recall past and ponder future experiences. Our relics are reminders, they are inspiration... but maybe let's not get carried away. They are just stuff...


Anonymous said...

A great blog!
My relics are a 10 year old pintail customer cruiser.. i am 41 and still ride it; my worn out Vans Old School shoes, they accompany me on the cruiser; my Scott road bike, it has travelled many miles with me and its knows how i like to ride and what i think about when i ride; a copy of 'The Alchemist', my favourite book, a broken spine ad the pages well worn and curled over, that book has 'centred' me when i have needed it the most; my old rucksack, many years old but has sat snug on my back and accompanied me on many an adventure; my St. Christopher necklace, accompanies me whenever i travel, keeps me safe, used to be my fathers and i inherited it when he passed 2 years ago; all my music, many many many different kinds of music, an 'eclectic' collection that has been of such importance to me throughout my existence, it has defined many great moments; and lastly, my family.. speaks for itself.

Kelly said...

Nice post, Mike. Reflection touches us this time of year, I'm always so moved by the variety of ways it shows itself. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Valliant said...

Anon - what a simply fantastic inventory of relics! Many thanks for sharing.

Kelly - always a pleasure to hear from you. Hope all is well. Yes, fall and cooler temps and introspection...

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Thank you.

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