Saturday, September 4, 2010

A brand world

I'm a brand nerd. But only for cool companies if that wins me back any hip points.

I dig companies and people who put themselves out into the world and say, "Check me out, this is who and what  I am."

When I read Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard's book, "Let My People Go Surfing," I immediately wished I could work somewhere with that vibe.

Watching the Element Skateboards documentary, "Make it Count," on Fuel TV makes me wish I could have married my long-professed love of skateboarding with writing and communications; being a part of  a grassroots up, socially conscious skateboard brand would be the sh$%. Original Skateboards is a company I love seeing what they do next.

I get charged up watching friends at Rise Up Coffee and Evolution Craft Brewing Co. growing their companies and brands--double bonus that they make tasty forms of my favorite beverages...

I think it comes down to putting yourself out there in the world. Of guys and girls having an incredible passion and compelling vision and working like mad and having a blast building that vision and surrounding themselves with people who want to do the same.

It's creating a community as well as a company. It's creating a vibe and groove to bring folks into.

I'm a sucker for a story. And when brands tell a story that I feel includes how I see myself, it's easy to end up a loyalist.

For me, that's a skateboarding, trail running, free form writing, water loving, football/baseball following, coffee and beer drinking, music devouring, manically reading 30-something husband and father of curious girls. Not sure the size of that demographic.


stephen bardsley said...

MV, Thought of you recently while watching Fuel TV. they were making longboard skateboard decks out of old wooden water skis. With the curved up front tip of the ski, being the tail of the skateboard deck.Funny the things in life that remind us of others. Then I saw Fuel TV mentioned in this blog. I also saw football/baseball following mentioned, check out, lots on there since you last commented. later, Bards

Michael Valliant said...

Thanks, Bardsley! Great stuff you've got over there--love the Boldin, HOF Colts and Nats stuff. Hope all is well with you, sir!