Friday, September 16, 2011


Forgive me Father (Creator), it's been 16 weeks since my last confession (run). And with cooler temperatures, it hurts not to be out there.

For the past seven plus years, running 10 miles has felt like running around the block. And that has been a point of pride for me. I've run long trail runs, a handful of marathons, a few ultras, and more half-marathons and 10-milers than I can recall. It's been a kind of confession from my feet, legs, lungs and soul to the earth.

Now tis the season of jeans, sweatshirts, football and the Ravens, bonfires and Octoberfest beer. It's the season where morning coffee warms as well as wakens. It's the season of trips to the pumpkin patch and the girls thinking about Halloween costumes.

It's the return to Tuckahoe State Park trail runs and the cool morning runs that remind me why I run, when I am able. It's the heyday of the Rise Up Runner group runs, where sunrises are met with conversations about kids and the cosmos, elevated heart rates and the sprint at the end of the run.

Forgive me Father, it's been 16 weeks since my last confession. Likely I've taken those confessions for granted. And I miss them.


Sean and Rain Gowens said...

I like this post a lot. Running is a lot like a confessional with yourself and your soul. I hope you get back to running again soon!

Michael Valliant said...

Thanks, Rain!

Runners on Trails said...

For your penance you are to call Wood Frog and friends for some Tuckahoe runs. There's nothing freer in life than a run.

Michael Valliant said...

So true, Wood Frog. When my ankle allows, I will be out there. May have to walk it just to get out there :)