Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raison d'etre

That thought or line that you wake up with in your head and fumble around in the dark for pen and paper so you don't lose it.

The phrase or string of thinking that you repeat over in your head while driving until you get somewhere when you can pull over and jot it down.

Sometimes it comes down to that: how badly does it need to exist?

It has to start that way, maybe. But it has to move beyond just the beginning, make the turn around the track from inspiration to perspiration and back to inspire.

There are those things made--in art, music, architecture, writing--that when you see, hear, walk into or read, you say, Yeah. That had to exist. The world would be less, not the same without it.

That's the kind of stuff I want to experience. To be bowled over by. To create, myself.


Anonymous said...

Hells to the yes. The thing so complicated it's simple, the hundred thousand words that are not enough, the one word that is too much. Forward my mail THERE.

Michael Valliant said...

Amen, brother. Amen.