Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God and numbers (sung like "God of Thunder")

I don't generally ponder God and numbers at the same time. That's why I majored in English and Philosophy. But I've kicked around a notion for several years, an analogy really.

Let's say God is the number seven (Why seven? Why Otter? Why not?). And you go to church and kick it with your Christian friends, who are all saying, "four plus three." And then you scoot down to synagogue to hang with your Jewish friends, and what they're saying is "five plus two." You mosey on over to the Buddhist temple, "six plus one." Muslims are rapping, "seven plus zero."

They're all describing the same thing, the number seven, with their own words, in their own way. And that's how I've generally looked at various religions, who often seem to be dancing around the same number/revelations/teachings at their core.

On the one hand, why the hell would you go to the land of five plus two and try to jam four plus three down their throat, when from where they are sitting, it's five plus two all the way. And from a math teacher's perspective, you're a bonehead anyway, because five plus two is as correct as you are.

Maybe what we've needed for some time is an existential math teacher, to show us we're all saying the same thing and to chill the fu$% out. The Crusades and religious violence could have been avoided with a parent-teacher conference.

So there's a Tuesday morning serving of God and numbers. Which should be sung to the tune of KISS's "God of Thunder."

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