Friday, April 22, 2011

Take it from Ben Wade

Follow the interesting. Implied advice from Ben Wade (aka Russell Crowe) in "3:10 to Yuma." Maybe cultivate or invite the interesting, to boot.

Watched 3:10 last night on one of the largest privately-owned screens this side of the Bay. Wade/Crowe's willingness/infatuation with following any flow that seemed interesting (as long as it didn't piss him off) sticks with me.

Most of our lives are structured to become routine. I think we could do well to welcome the novel when it says hello. Or maybe even say hello first.

I've changed course on the last couple of runs I've gone on. Decided to do something different. Not a major deal, but it instantly changes the mindset, the scenery, the feeling. Or when we've woken up and grabbed the girls and gone somewhere we weren't thinking about until drinking coffee that morning.

That's the stuff that sticks with me. That I want the girls to remember.

A quick Friday riff. Grabbing the tails of thoughts as they go by. Catching the 3:10 to...

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