Monday, April 12, 2010

Chasing Jelly Doughnuts

Life is full of jelly doughnuts. Words of wisdom from an exhibits specialist at the museum where I worked, contemplating The Simpsons.

There is an episode, at least 10 years ago or so, where Homer has somehow become smart and is unraveling life's dilemmas, getting to the important stuff, when a jelly doughnut rolls by.

"Mmmmm... jelly dough-nut," and Homer abandons the line of thinking and chases the doughnut.

Life is full of jelly doughnuts. My exhibitionist friend framed it perfectly. There are any number of distractions, tangents, notions that pull us away from the stuff we'd be better served by focusing on; all jelly doughnuts rolling by calling us to chase after them.

It's a balancing act, really. I mean, who wants a life free of jelly doughnuts ;) But if all you do every day is chase doughnuts then before you know it you are 500 pounds, can't get off the couch, watching Montel Williams wishing you could conjure back some version of your former self or remember what it was you were reeling in before the doughnuts. Metaphorically speaking of course, not dissing the real Montel...

Sometimes I feel like I am chasing down a dozen doughnuts of no consequence with no way to catch them all and what good if I did? And other times I can sit on the front steps with Robin, watching the girls chase each other on their bikes or practice cartwheels in the front yard, drinking coffee, eating doughnuts, in their proper place.

So there's a Monday morning thought. Full disclosure, I took down a Dunkin' Donuts gem with morning coffee. I'm not sure what that says ;)

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