Friday, October 10, 2008

Predictability vs. Spontaneity

Predictability is the sun rising every morning. Spontaneity is waking up and driving (or running) to somewhere you've never sat before to watch it come up.

Predictability is going to work 5+ days a week. Spontaneity is not knowing exactly what any particular day will hold and being open to possibilities. Spontaneity, for me, is also the conversations I have with our 3-year-0ld daughter on the way to daycare.

Predictability is getting up to run in the mornings, often on the "da corner" of Aurora and Idlewild in Easton. Spontaneity is 48-hour notice to do the Trans Tred Avon Challenge, or running to Rise Up Coffee, or 3:30 a.m. 20-milers.

My life and my running seem to require both predictability and spontaneity. Being able to predict things (correctly, let's say!) is comforting and reassuring. Spontaneous adventures, conversations, moments, decisions is life-affirming. It spins things around.

I like knowing I am going to get up and run a few mornings a week. I like not knowing who is going to meet up, what we are going to talk about, or how the run will go. It's also sweet when we can mix things up and do something different without much planning or notice.

That's the view from the brim of the coffee cup at the moment. Happy Friday and weekend running.

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