Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Welcome, Samuel!

Our new nephew, Samuel Robert Hutchison, was born at 8:43 a.m. on Monday, May 12, weighing 8 pounds, 8.5 ounces to proud parents Chad and Susie (my sister) Hutchison.

I was thinking my next post would be about some of the favorite running gear I have found over the last couple years and asking what others have found that they dig. And that may well be the next post, but felt insincere at the moment for where my head is.

This is a blog about running and life, and this story fits more on the life side. I enjoy running long distances and have been blessed to be able to finish a number of races. It's not always enjoyable, but finishing is, as well as the challenge, and knowing that on an aerobic, cardiovascular level, I am doing something that my heart benefits from and may even appreciate.

The heart is the connection here. I started yesterday with a great heart-pounding run around Easton, then after work, Robin and I went to visit our new nephew, Samuel Robert Hutchison, over at the Children's Hospital in Washington, DC. Samuel is a trip, looking like his brother Julian, while sporting the dapper double-chin, at an age where it's still considered cute :)

During my sister Susie's pregnancy, Samuel was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. What this means is that the left side of his heart has not and won't develop fully. The recommended course of action for his condition is a series of three heart surgeries, the first of which will happen in the next couple days, followed by the second in a couple months, and then a third somewhere between 18-24 months.

So she and her husband Chad are over in DC, spending time with Samuel, staying up to date with doctors--Chad is a veterinarian, who surprises the medical staff wherever he has been through this process since he has a solid understanding of what they are talking about--and waiting for the surgery to have a set date and time.

They know that they have a superhero team of doctors and surgeons--literally the experts and heroes in the field of children's cardiology. And they know they are in the best place they can be for Samuel. Yet they have a two-day old son who is not yet close to being able to come home to meet his brother or see his room. Man, that's tough and teary and trying.

My thoughts, prayers, morning strides in the dark or on the trail, and my words are with Samuel, Susie, Chad, and Julian. And with the great people who are surrounding and taking care of them in DC. I look forward to Samuel's first trip across the Bay Bridge to the Eastern Shore, to seeing him at family cookouts, to watching him chase Julian around their back yard, and to seeing which one of the boys sports the curlier locks they both have working.

Welcome to the world, Samuel, and to enjoying the great and varied experiences it has to offer, and to which you add so much.


Runners on Trails said...

Wow, that's a huge thought to connect your own heart pumping freely while you run, versus the struggling heart of Samuel. Most of us have it "all" with our health. The thought of not being able to run, walk, bike, swim, play, or work scares the living Be-Jesus out of me. Yesterday, I cut my hand badly with a sharp chisel while working on a customer's boat. I had to call Carita to come treat me, as I was too bloody and whoosey to deal with it myself. so, even now, I am struggling to type with a bandaged splinted finger. There are small things I can't do right now with my hand, but I know it is temporary. Up to yesterday I could do anything, today is different. Though minor in relation to the great scheme of things, a little setback can give big perspective.
Samuel's birth is wonderful and I'm thankful for the perspective he has given me through you, Mike. Congratulations Uncle Mike

Erika said...

Hi -

HLHS mama here. Our son, Sammy (though he's Samson), is going in for the third surgery this Wednesday.

Please let your sister know if she needs to talk, we're out here!