Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rise Up Runners, Officially

If we have a cool logo, we must be official, right? Very many thanks to Tim Cureton and the crew at Rise Up Coffee, for what looks to be a fun collaboration in spreading two often connected endeavors: endurance sports (primarily running) and good coffee.

"Rise up this mornin', smiled at the risin' sun..." --Bob Marley

If nothing else, Rise Up Runners may have the toughest, hippest logo of any running group. At least I tend to think so! We talked to Tim and Rise Up Coffee about what we were doing and what we want to do, and agreed that we can have some real fun, log some miles, drink good coffee, and help spread the word about Rise Up, all at the same time.

We've gone and started something, now we'll see where we take it, or it takes us, from here. If you want to understand or know more about Rise Up Runners, take a peak at the group's blog, bookmark it, and check back to see what's going on from a number of voices, perspectives, activities, and adventures.

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